Friday, January 27, 2012

Roller Hockey Nationals reported by Pakistan TV

Amazing no?? How an almost unknown country in Roller Hockey like Pakistan can achieve the goal of a presence in TV news, something that is almost impossible in the rest of world countries!!
But is true, the Pakistani TV Channel City42 gave the deserved importance to the 2011 National Championship reporting the Roller Hockey Championship. All people of Pakistan that play and like this sport are proud of this fact, and would like to see this kind of initiatives during the year which are very important to promote our sport in all Pakistan country.We must not forget that Pakistan will be present in Asia Cup this year, so the skates should not stop until there...

Next you can watch the video report (not in English)

An important thing to say for somebody that watch the video is the problem that sometimes exist in poorest countries. In an official roller hockey tournament the inline skates are not allowed but with all the problems to arrange the normal quad skates, it's diffiult to say no to the players.
This is something that CIRH and FIRS should be worried to change, because is one of the main differences between the two sports.

If you are curious about Artistic National Championship watch also this video, where it is possible also to watch the main responsible for all Roller Sports in Pakistan, our dear Mr. Khalid Saeed.

Also Pakistan has something to teach to Roller Hockey World!!! Community

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Roller Hockey Nationals reported in Newspaper

Pakistan showing to the World that with some efforts is possible to bring the Media to our Sport.
Two images concerning the 25th Roller Hockey Championship, that took place in Allama Iqbal Park, Lahore.
The first one with the match between Punjab Yellow and Punjab Blue. The sencond an image about the attendance during this competition.

Source of Photo: Khalid Saeed Facebook

Monday, January 2, 2012

Punjab Yellow Pakistan Champion

Punjab Yellow--2011 Pakistan Champion
As reported previously from 26 to 29th December was disputed in Pakistan the Roller Hockey National Championship with 4 teams:
01. Punjab Blue. 02. Punjab Yellow, CDGK Cheetas (Sindh) 04. Karachi King (Sindh).

The final Results were:
1st Punjab Yellow, (Punjab Yellow 07 - Punjab Blue 01)
2nd Punjab Blue,
3rd Karachi King.    (Karachi King 06 - CDGK Cheetas 05)
4th CDGK Cheetas.

Final of the Championship
Punjab Blue and Punjab Yellow, teams of the final
Punjab Blue-2011 Vice Champion of Pakistan
We hope that this championship could be the begging of a better future to Pakistan Roller Hockey, a Better plan management, and school bases program is required for this success.

Info on: Wikipedia