Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pakistan Rolling Again

Trophy that Pakistan team can win
Finally  Roller Hockey will be played again by Pakistanis.
It is confirmed that a team from Pakistan will play at the 1st Federal Roller Hockey Premier League, that will be held in New Delhi (India), from 5th to 9th of  October, organized by Roller Hockey Association of Delhi.
Before the National Championships that will happen next December, this will be a great opportunity to share experiences together with our friends from India, and improve our level. This will be one of the greatest Tournament organized in this part of the World ever, with prize money to the first 3 teams. Probably more than 14 teams will play, and it is expected a lot of competition and learning time for our team.

Even if you will be far away from New Delhi, and from Punjabi Cagh Club you don't have excuse to not see our team playing. All the matches will be transmitted by live streaming also assure by the organization with a channel created just for this occasion. Take a look on the link
We hope to give more details to soon of the team that will tepresent Pakistan in this League.

If you have a company that would like to sponsor our team or if you know something about this team write us...

Pakistan Roller Hockey needs all support
Rolling Together

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