Friday, November 4, 2011

Macau a strange case, and Asia the asleep Continent

Since the beginning of Roller Hockey activity that Asia is one of the worst continents concerning it.
There are a lot of reasons for this situation:
  • CARS (Confederation Asia of Roller Sports), presided by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo, doesn't promote and develop roller hockey.
  • CIRH doesn't promote the rising of an Asian Roller Hockey Confederation like happens in Africa and Europe, which would have a main role in our sport.
  • Inline hockey is getting day by day much important, taking Roller Hockey to a second plan
  • Few countries play Roller Hockey, for example in last Asia Cup, only Macau, India, Taiwan and Japan were present (China, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong had been played roller hockey years ago).
  • Asian Cup is the unique international competition in Asia-there's any competition between clubs.
 For example it's not decided yet the location of 2012 Asia Roller Sports Cup. "Hoje Macau" talks about China, but there's any confirmation, just some months before the competition, reveling all disorganization of CARS.

Casa de Portugal A in 2005 with 13 players (Where are them?)
Taking a brief look on Roller Hockey history, it's possible to observe that Macau has dominate the sport until today:
  • Asian Champion for 8th times
  • Unique Asian country to dispute FIRS World Cup
  • Unique Asian country to play Nations Cup in Montreux
Unhappily the situation seems to change forever, due to many facts. The president of Associação de Patinagem de Macau (Roller Sports Macau Association), António Aguiar, and their players accuse Macau Government to not build a new Roller Hockey rink, where could be possible to practice our sport. The unexistance of rink to play stopped the Macau Championship and the school bases program in Casa de Portugal (2005 and 2006 was the last time reported) wasn't reported any more.
Casa de Portugal A in 2006 with 11 players
The National Championship, was played usually for three teams connected to Portugal:
According to "Hoje Macau" Dom Bosco, the same rink that doensn't have conditions to practice roller hockey, received in last days of October the Inline Hockey Championship!!!!
Worst than that are the teams playing it... the same that played roller hockey until some years ago. All this situation is quite curious and revels that some people is lying. Seems that soon Roller Hockey will be substituted by Inline Hockey, forgetting all cultural connexion between Portugal and Macau, where inline hockey is not included.
Like happens in a lot of things in Macau, the Region doesn't resist to China invasion, and forget all it ancients.

Macau team in FIRS B World Cup 2011 in Dornbirn, Austria
Some months ago other newspaper from Macau, "Ponto Final" reported the opinion of Antonio Aguiar (APM president) concerning the actual presidence of CIRH, by Mr. Harro Strucksberg. He said that there were some movements to take off Mr. Harro, and he was a possible name to manage CIRH.

Rolling Together just has the doubt... How a man that is not able to manage roller hockey in his own region wants and thinks will be able to coordinate roller hockey all over the world???

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