Monday, January 2, 2012

Punjab Yellow Pakistan Champion

Punjab Yellow--2011 Pakistan Champion
As reported previously from 26 to 29th December was disputed in Pakistan the Roller Hockey National Championship with 4 teams:
01. Punjab Blue. 02. Punjab Yellow, CDGK Cheetas (Sindh) 04. Karachi King (Sindh).

The final Results were:
1st Punjab Yellow, (Punjab Yellow 07 - Punjab Blue 01)
2nd Punjab Blue,
3rd Karachi King.    (Karachi King 06 - CDGK Cheetas 05)
4th CDGK Cheetas.

Final of the Championship
Punjab Blue and Punjab Yellow, teams of the final
Punjab Blue-2011 Vice Champion of Pakistan
We hope that this championship could be the begging of a better future to Pakistan Roller Hockey, a Better plan management, and school bases program is required for this success.

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  1. Congratulations from Seville.