Monday, April 25, 2011

Pakistan Roller Hockey has a Blog

Pakistan Roller Hockey has a new place to report all news about the sport.
We hope to show soon a lot of news of this sport in Pakistan.
I will help Khalid Saeed to help the development of Roller Hockey in Pakistan.
In the last years Pakistan wasn't part of Asia Cup, B World Cup and U 20 World Cup, so now is time to change and give a jump to the future.

Ricardo Henriques


  1. Pakistan Roller Hockey
    Mr. Khakid Saeed is a good and hard work sports man.Pakistani team May be attnad the Asia Cup 2012 at macao.
    Muhammad Ishfaq

  2. Nice to hear you Muhammad.
    Unhappilly Asia Cup 2012 will not be in Macao
    I need more news about pakistan roller hockey.can you help me?

  3. Thanks Xaral regarding information.
    I am fully help pakistani roller hockey team . Mr. Khalid saeed for promoting the roller hockey our region so Mr.Khalid saeed and me very hard work that paskitani team attaand the Asia cup 2012.
    Last time I goes to China Asia cup just visit attand the asia cup china but unfortunatly paksitani team not attand the asia cup china.
    Muhammad ishfaq.

  4. I know that you must do a hard work.
    Was bad that you couldnt attend the Asia Cup,but in 2012 you will,I hope so.
    Tell me more about the Championships there in Pakistan.Do you have an National League or something similar.
    How many teams, players do you think exist there?
    Wich cities is possible to play roller hockey?
    Thanks for your contact

  5. Dear Xaral
    Are you roller hockey player and where from.
    I will share information regarding roller hockey our pakistan in future.

  6. I am just a fan of Roller Hockey and I'm from Portugal.
    Can you send me an email to

  7. new article about pakistan hockey muhammad

  8. Mr Xaral,
    Pakistan Roller sports (speed,roller hockey ,Roll Ball,Artistic and Fee style / Salalom ) National Championship held december 2011. further result I sending you after tournament.
    Muhammad Ishfaq

  9. Hi Muhammad!!
    First Thanks for you availability.
    I would like to know all details of each Roller Hockey team that will be there to play...
    I would like also to know if is possible to have a Pakistan national team in next B World Cup in Uruguay??